Forces | 2013 | Digital

The current work is a series of intimate portraits based on people who have trained in the Armed Forces. This role requires skill, mental and physical effort and above all discipline. Choosing a career in the forces with the intention to engage in combat is also a great sacrifice. They do this in order to bring peace, it shows spirit, courage and determination, and it was my aim to depict these mindsets within the series.

Paul - 31.369761,63.958969
Paul – 31.369761,63.958969
Stuart - 54.59171,-5.963902
Stuart – 54.59171,-5.963902
John - 12.80022,45.033345
John – 12.80022,45.033345
Ian - 17.935089,31.080016
Ian – 17.935089,31.080016
Andrew - 17.735607,-89.008484
Andrew – 17.735607,-89.008484

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