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About Tony Blood

As a photographic artist, I am always developing new ideas. I am versatile in my approach to image making and do not necessarily restrict myself to one particular method or style; therefore each series can look very different to the next. My current photographic practice uses the influence and inspiration of Renaissance painting and contemporary photography through still life, landscapes or portraiture. This can be seen in composition and lighting, particularly within the still life images. There are many complex themes running through my work. In my most recent series, ‘Salt’ depicts man’s historical and cultural impact on his surroundings. Similarly, the opposite can be seen in the ‘Emergence’ series whereby the impact of a place can appear threatening to us causing fear and anxiety. Objects can have an effect on us too. In ‘Transition’ objects evoke memories of lost loved ones; creating souvenirs and memorials. It is with themes of memory, identity, loss and impact that I strive to represent in my work. No copying without the photographer’s permission. All images copyright © 2010-2018 Tony Blood Photography All Rights Reserved.

Gay Pride | Spitafields, London | 7 July 2018

© Tony Blood - Gay Pride, Spitafields, London. 7 July 2018

© Tony Blood – Gay Pride, Spitafields, London. 7 July 2018


Telford Balloon and Kite Fiesta | Telford Town Park | Telford | 12 May 2018

© Tony Blood – Telford Balloon and Kite Fiesta, Telford Town Park, Telford. 12 May 2018

McDonalds Buddha | Hamburg, Germany | 30 August, 2017

A homeless man sleeps on the steps of McDonald’s. An empty coffee cup is used to collect change from passers by.

© Tony Blood - McDonalds Buddha, Hamburg, Germany. 30 August, 2017

© Tony Blood – McDonalds Buddha, Hamburg, Germany. 30 August, 2017

Sibelius Monument | Töölö, Helsinki, Finland | 11 July 2017

In front of The Sibelius Monument Chinese tourists pose for photographs in the rain. The monument was designed by Eila Hiltunen and is dedicated to Jean Sibelius, the Finnish composer. It is located at Sibelius Park in the district of Töölö in Helsinki, Finland.

© Tony Blood – Sibelius Monument, Töölö, Helsinki, Finland. 11 July 2017

Market Square | Helsinki, Finland | 8 July 2018

A family wait to cross a street near Market Square, while a green Cadillac passes them by.

© Tony Blood – Market Square, Helsinki, Finland. 8 July 2017

Abandoned Soviet Military Base | Tagaranna, Saare, Saaremaa, Estonia | 5 July 2017

A former Soviet military base lies abandoned on the Estonian island of Saaremaa. Evidence of Soviet occupancy can be found all over Estonia and its islands. Soon many of these places will be demolished. Fortunately, I was lucky enough to be able to wander through many of the buildings to document their existence before they eventually get torn down.

© Tony Blood – Abandoned Soviet Military Base, Saare County, Saaremaa, Estonia. 5 July 2017

Pebble Beach | Ohessaare Tuulik, Saaremaa, Estonia | 4 July 2017

This picturesque pebble beach near Ohessaare Windmill is popular with tourists. Visitors traditionally make pebble sculptures all along the edge of the beach. The tide washes them away but rebuilt when the tide goes out.

© Tony Blood – Pebble Beach, Ohessaare Tuulik, Saaremaa, Estonia. 4 July 2017